IMEI Service

Samsung USA Unlock Code Service For All Networks Via IMEI - All Level Codes (1 to 3 days)


Samsung T669 And Samsung T919 Behold do not accept defreeze code. DO NOT submit order on this service if defreeze code is required. 


- IMEIs starting with 9900 and Verizon Devices* 

*(Unless the phone prompts for a code)

- Samsung Avant SM-G386T from T-Mobile USA

- Cricket

- Sprint

- Tracfone

- Net10

- Straight Talk

- Any Samsung Device from T-Mobile USA with "Mobile Unlock App" installed and that are not asking for SIM Network Unlock PIN (like some Galaxy Avant, Galaxy 6 Edge, and etc...)

!! NO REFUND if you order unlock code for any of these devices and complain about a wrong code or code entry issue. !!



NETWORK=20381173PROVIDER=12238628 SUBPROVIDER=19279048DEFREEZE=13093000EXTRA=00000000



3 days