X-SIM Team is always trying to provide more and more hot solutions to you! We are proud that 2 crytical revolutions in GSM adapter industry were done by Us!


We are perfectly aware that, no matter what does end users think about X-SIM products, resellers must be satisfied with us if we want complete market penetration and final success of X-SIM project.

What can we offer you?

1) Always Fair Policy

* We will never sell you bulk products and decrease price right afterwards

* If we somehow make mistake during packing/sending ect. all re-sending costs will be paid by us

* We will Replace any broken X-SIM adapter bought directly from us - All you need to do is bring it to Shenzhen

2) Always On Your Service

* We can ship goods to your China agent - inside China we send adapters for FREE

* We can help you do any kind of invoice for you


FAQ for X-SIM FactoryUnlock Resellers!

1) Why Would I Become Reseller?
A: You will be a part of worldwide fastest growing unlock server which will offer full variety of products no other unlock server offers. All you need to do is add credits to your customer and and gather your reseller fee. Off course, 1credit you can sell at 1usd - Same Price We Offer.

2) Can I get better prices somewhere else?
A: Depends from the service you're currently interested in. Soon, we will cover all services with Worlds most affordable prices/conditions.

3) Who says X-SIM FactoryUnlock Server Will Become Popular?
A: Big Server advertise is printed on each X-SIM Unlock Adapter package. We are negotiating with many webs, forums about renting banners which soon will be finished(waiting server design). X-SIM as brand is globally well known and people involved in GSM already introduced with Us and our products.

4) How Can I Earn By Selling FactoryUnlock Logs for X-SIM?

Simple, if you give for example 500usd you will get 600 X-SIM FactoryUnlock Credits, mean 20% is yours, which you can sell/add to X-SIM registered users via Reseller Account. You will also have option to Rebate users available credits in case you have poblems with users payment. Also, you will have option to Create/Register users yourself so even 'less enhanced users' you can provide Full Support to.


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