SamKey - Instant Samsung Service Credits Top-up! 100% Safe and Fast Samsung Network Unlock Client!

Supported models with price 1Credit/Unlock:
J105x, J106x, J110x, J111x, J120x, J320A, J320F, J320H, J200x, J210x,
J700x, J710x, G532x, G610x, G935F, G930F, Z130, Z200F, Z200Y, Z300H,
G531, G550, N920A, N920C, N920CD, A800F, A800I, A710, A510, A310
!!! DHRU API Available !!!
Unlock our SAMSUNG Mobile Phone Now
- Works very fast...
- NO NEED TO ROOT your phone AT ALL!
- NO NEED to Downgrade or flash or resetting user data/information...
- Supports Latest 2017 Firmware versions (Android 7.0 and newest security Patches )


Our exclusive software unlocking solution can network unlock any Samsung device within a minute. All you have to do is connect your Samsung via USB, run our software from your desktop and the phone will be unlocked in seconds. This is the fastest 100% guaranteed permanent unlocking solution for any Samsung device and carrier trusted by hundreds users worldwide. We lead the way.

Download Installation



Our SamKey Client is easy as plug and play




1. Simply install FTDI BOX or Cable driver in your pc
2. SamKey Software Will auto Detect comport
3. Enter User credential and press Check to see your credits balance

4. Now Simply Press 'Unlock Codes'

5. Wait till server Reply Unlock is Ready - Max 6 hours

Now your phone is 100% factory unlocked (not rooted), also your phone warranty is still valid
if your phone still shows Network lock and ask for unlock code Please enter 00000000 (8 times zero)
Tick on Factory Reset Option on SamKey Client 

That's all folks.