X-SIM Adapter New Update
* All SIM Cards/Carrier Supported including 128K 4G SIM Cards! IOS 10.3.1 Supported!
* No Installation, No Setup! Plug&Play Solution!
* All Carrier Codes are Working! No problems with Contacts from SIM Not Recognizing! iPhone Works same as FactoryUnlocked device!

Demonstration video included - click on YouTube link or image above to see X-SIM Adapter in action

Update Firmware, Update Tool and Manual can always find on this Link:

X-SIM Adapters Always in Stock - Feel Free Order your Qty!
* Adapter Prices are still EXTREMELY LOW!

Purchase Email:

*Solution is based on Apple activation server bug. No ETA how long it will last! Eventually, Apple will most probably close it! This is what 'others forgot mention'
After Apple Will Close the Server Bug you can always Flash Adapter with Standard Firmware
So, again and again, if have X-SIM stock, you can always count on FREE firmware updates, If you have XYZ Unlocking SIM you can count on money lost. ;)