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X-SIM Adapter - 5 Years OFF FREE SUPPORT - Not Waiste Your Money Again!

Update 12/14/2017

iOS 12.2 Supported

!!! NEW !!! Crazy PRICE for Update-able X-SIM Light LTE !!! 

Download new update for FREE (12/14/2017): 




!!! NEW !!! Crazy PRICE for Update-able X-SIM Light LTE !!! Real Plug&Play !!! 5 YEARS OF FREE UPDATES !!!

!!! iOS 11.xx Supported - Worlds First !!! All iPhone Models Including iPhone8/8 Plus/X Supported !!!

!!! Cool & Professional Firmware Update Application - Check Video!!!



!!! SIM Diag Tool (Included in X-SIM XTestTool Application) - If some unsupported SIM card exist we will offer you Update after problem forwarded to our Software Development Team !!!

dealers who were buying most of other brand SIM Unlock Adapters, after Apple update, always face current stock loss and refund requests from their customers. We were giving FREE updates for more than 5 years already to our loyal dealers and customers and we will continue to provide SUPPORT IN THE FUTURE as well. NOT RISK your MONEY AGAIN, as well as your REPUTATION, join X-SIM Resellers TEAM NOW!

Updater for X-SIM Evo Ultra & Light LTE + SIM Diag Tool - All in One Tool Released (Latest firmware versions included in .exe): DOWNLOAD

Update Firmware, Update Tool and Manual can always find on this LINK

Welcome to download for FREE and make your X-SIM Adapter works on newest iOS 11.xx.:

* No ETA when Apple will close this new security hole again. Don't buy big quantity and warn customers about eventual problems in the future!
X-SIM Adapters Always in Stock - Feel Free Order your Qty!
Resellers and Distributors for almost all countries are welcome!
* Only few Country have Exclusive Distributors

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April 2017 Update:  X-SIM EVO ULTRA Unlock Adapter No Setup Firmware Update (Apple Bug Update - All Carrier All SIM Supported including 128k 4G SIM Cards)

Update Adapter For FREE - Firmware Download Link



  • November 2015 Update: X-SIM EVO ULTRA Unlock Adapter Firmware V4.4 Released

    Only one adapter needed for both Micro and Nano iPhone models.

    iPhone 6S/6S+ and iOS 9.xx All iPhone Models are Supported!

  • X-SIM iOS 8.xx Update Released for X-SIM EVO Adapters

    Update your X-SIM EVO X-SIM Adapters to Work with iOS 8.xx
    iPhone 6/6+ Supported
    Have X-SIM Update Dongle and EVO Adapters in Stock? Ask your reseller for FREE Updater!


  • X-SIM EVO SIM Unlock Adapter Released

    World's First True Plug-and-Play iPhone 5S/5C Unlock SIM Adapter!
    Use any SIM card, without voiding your warranty, on any provider!

  • X-SIM EVO Instalation Manual - Video Tutorial

    Check how easy is to insert and configure X-SIM Unlock Adapter

  • X-SIM SL3 Breaker

    We are presenting you most stable and most affordable SL3 BruteForce Distributed System ever!
    Our system is based on worlds first SL3 BF System engine - Sl3NET System, and is completely tested and already proved it's reliability.

  • X-SIM Unlock Adapter Introduction