X-SIM iOS 7.1x Update Released for X-SIM First Generation Adapters

 * Update your First generation X-SIM Adapters to Work with iOS 7.10/7.11...

* iPhone 5C/5S Supported

Have X-SIM Update Dongle? Ask your reseller for Upgrade Logs right away!


X-SIM EVO SIM Unlock Adapter Released

 World's First True Plug-and-Play iPhone 5S/5C Unlock SIM Adapter!

Use any SIM card, without voiding your warranty, on any provider!



X-SIM EVO Instalation Manual - Video Tutorial

 Check how easy is to insert and configure X-SIM Unlock Adapter


We are presenting you most stable and most affordable SL3 BruteForce Distributed System ever!

* Our system is based on worlds first SL3 BF System engine - Sl3NET System, and is completely tested and already proved it's reliability.